WealthForge, LLC

Operating Member of FINRA since 2011

WealthForge LLC, is a licensed broker dealer providing Capital Formation, M & A Advisory, Valuation, and Due Diligence Services.

Now Registered in All 50 States

WealthForge is dedicated to building long-term relationships with deal professionals and emerging growth companies. Our unique entrepreneurial culture enables us to tailor our services to meet the needs of our clients, and our professionals have deep relationships within capital markets and an understanding of the unique opportunities that exist today.

Capital Raises

WealthForge raises capital for businesses that intend to use the proceeds in a variety of ways. Whether the goal is growth capital, project finance, or strategic assignment, we have experience in locating equity and debt capital to achieve our client’s objectives. We understand private capital markets and maintain relationships with an extensive variety of private financing sources.

  • Reg D Private Placement

Mergers & Acquisition

A merger or acquisition, in the highest level concept, is a combination of two companies that agree to form a single new company. In general, upon the completion of a merger, the new company issues new stock in place of the merged company's stock. There are several forms of mergers and the regulatory & compliance aspects are very complex. Federal and state laws regulate mergers and acquisitions.

  • Buy Side & Sell Side
  • Valuations


A secondary sale of private securities is the sale of shares acquired from an individual’s or business’ investment into a private offering. An individual’s or business’ motives for divesting is often varied and includes: liquidity needs, the closure of subsidiaries, the bankruptcy of divisions, and so on.

  • Secondary Sales of Private Securities

Registered Representatives

WealthForge helps facilitate secure and compliant transactions for investment platforms and professionals. We help with compliance, investor verification, transaction processing, shareholder services, and access to larger pools of capital. Our goal is to instill confidence, credibility and trust within private securities investing.

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